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Michael J. Murphy President / CEO
Scott Zimmerman Executive Vice President – Commercial Lending
Jon E. Martin Senior Vice President / CFO
Karla E. Roeker Senior Vice President – Retail
Mike Ploch Senior Vice President – Commercial Loans
Tammy Eliszewski Vice President – Branch Manager
Teresa S. Fry Vice President – Operations
Shane Griffin 
Assistant Vice President - Commercial Lending
Ron Moersfelder Vice President – Commercial Lending
Terri Moldenhauer Assistant Vice President – Branch Manager
Sarah Anderson-Hartwig Assistant Vice President – Audit/Compliance
Donna Boltz
Assistant Vice President – Credit Analyst
Holly Somers
Assistant Vice President – Credit Analyst
Clark Hofer
Assistant Vice President – Residential Mortgage Manager
Linda Kuchenberg
Assistant Vice President – Mortgage Lending
Shawn Murphy
Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lending
Debra Epping
Assistant Vice President – Loan Operations
Emily Deschner
Assistant Vice President – IT/Marketing
Jennifer Kuehni
Assistant Vice President – Accounting
Darlene Sturtevant Teller Operations Officer
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