Internet & Mobile Security

Don’t be an Accident Waiting to Happen!

While Community Bank CBD strives to offer the most secure environment for your online and mobile banking information, there are additional threats to be aware of.  Many hackers and scam artists will target our customers directly, seeing them as a weakest link.  Don’t be that weak link! 

Top Ten Ways to Keep your Info Safe!

  1. Protect your PC and Mobile Devices from viruses.
  2. Always remember to fully Log Off of your online and mobile banking sessions.
  3. Protect your Password.  Make them strong and don’t share!
  4. Always keep your mobile devices in your possession.
  5. Do not use unsecured public wi-fi networks for shopping or banking.
  6. Watch for suspicious phone calls, text messages, and e-mails.
  7. Erase your hard drive before recycling your old cellphone or PC.
  8. Do not send your sensitive information by e-mail unless by secure e-mail.
  9. Lock down and password protect your personal wireless network.
  10. Only do business with online companies and individuals that you trust.

Click the links below for brochures to learn more about keeping your information safe and private while performing online and mobile transactions.

Safety & Privacy in Online & Mobile Transactions*

Mobile Banking & Mobile Payments*


If you have any further questions or concerning regarding the use of online or mobile banking please do not hesitate to contact us at any one of our convenient locations.



*Brochures provided by VISA’s financial education program, Practical Money Skills,